Our Remote Office: Although we have our headquarters at the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin, Ireland we practice what we preach, that “Technology should set you free”.


Our founder realised with managing teams of the best creatives, that they don’t want a table tennis table or beanbags, they want free time. Free time for friends and family, personal creative or business projects, activities, sports hobbies, etc. We encourage that! Our Founder, for example, can live with his family between Dublin and Rio de Janeiro, where he can go for a swim in the warm ocean on his lunch break and do a nature trail with his son in the forest nearby.


At Captate, we live and breathe digital, but we are not digital, we have needs and dreams and loves and hopes like everyone else. This work-life balance we have created makes us more rounded individuals, and, we think, better with creative projects. We love our work, but it does not consume us. Technology is a tool, and a great one at that, but, it’s just that, and we hope that it will never replace “human creation”.

Extra advantages


As we work in our remote spaces around the world, we have the extra advantage of having a very organised and dynamic team with a ferociously efficient work practice and ethic.

Connected with you

We can also attend clients in any country at any hour. Nobody needs to take a flight to discuss something that will live in a “cloud” - skype, hangouts, whatsapp and numerous other apps take care of that, and, even an old fashioned phone call and email can suffice.

Wider Network

We also have a network of professionals that we can call on instantly to scale for larger projects of any size. We don’t need to build offices, just add another user on our virtual office space.

Oh, and about the price

And because we don’t have to buy table tennis tables, bean bags and pay high rents, that means we can keep our prices more reasonable for our own customers.