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Look into the future with the Captate Tour

Imagine being able to see your Real Estate Project brought to life before the Builders have even turned a sod!

Why a Captate Tour?
The Captate Tour is a digital marketing and sales tool for Real Estate and Construction Companies to increase investment in large ground-up development projects at the pre-construction to pre-completion stages. Built with cutting edge videogame technology, and viewable via WebVR, it allows Real Estate Companies to virtually immerse investors in a 3D visualization of an unbuilt property, who are  better able to understand the investment potential and invest quicker.
What do I get?
Our tech + design teams create interactive 3D models that can be shared and viewed cross-device via our specially developed online platform.
What makes it different?
The design and functionality of each Tour are fully customizable and are powered by very robust digital marketing software.
How is it beneficial?
As our technology becomes mainstream, it will change the way large construction projects are developed. The Captate Tour will help property developers better share their vision and leverage the increased confidence in their projects, leading to further sales and investment.
The Captate Tour – Revolutionary?
The area of off-plan sales will be revolutionized, playing a greater part in helping Real Estate companies validate their projects before a sod is even turned…

Features that Make a Difference

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View the property from above, allowing you to understand the layout and dimensions with more ease
VR Mode – This requires a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Daydream, that can view webVR through a browser
Presentation Mode – this is for a guided tour or for using during presentations to potential buyers or investors
Exploration Mode – the view can control where to go and how to view the Captate Tour
Share – this allows the user to easily share the Captate Tour as a simple link across multiple platforms like email, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc
Contact Form that Connects directly to your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform

Explore the Captate Tour on Desktop, Mobile or WebVR

(for laptop and high end mobile devices)

View Captate Tour

 (for mobile and WebVR)

View Captate Tour Lite

Revolutionary Features

Web Data Collection and Analysis

Wise business decisions use data analysis. Premerse allows you to track: lead sources, pages visited, page duration, user characteristics and more. Our condensed analysis reports facilitate informed decisions for your pre construction marketing plan.

Sharing: Spread the Word with Ease!

All digital marketers know the importance of “sharing”. People want the opinions of friends, family, and colleagues, and we make this easy with instant share-ability: email, Whatsapp and social media like facebook, twitter, etc. As sharing is just a link – no app or file download needed – it’s fast and uncomplicated. 

Accessible Online

At Captate Studio we can create specially programmed and complex 3D interactive models available online – essential for any real estate marketing strategy at the pre-construction stage.

Web-Hosting via the Cloud

It is not easy for real estate leads to get a visually rich and interactive experience onto their mobile phone, laptop or VR headset without having to download an app or software. The Captate Tour is easily viewable through a browser like Chrome or Safari. as they are specially rendered for an optimized user experience.

The Call-To-Action

All real estate marketing companies and departments know that the most basic principle behind a Call to Action is the “Now Factor”. You invested in a real estate lead generation campaign – NOW is the time that she is most ready to explore a purchase. Your Tour can have a customized CTA, specially thought out and optimized by our Digital Marketing Experts

Bespoke Features

We can help you to explore and implement specially developed features. Within the Captate tour, users could directly change the decoration, furniture, and appliances – it also enables users to make purchases from your e-commerce partners without leaving the platform.

Practical User Interface

“Could my Mom or Dad understand this?” – We spent a lot of time and effort planning the User experience and designing the User Interface, with a focus on simplicity. We put special emphasis on accommodating users new or unaccustomed to this 3D technology, so your real estate lead generation campaign dollars are not wasted, nor your brand tarnished. 

Lead Generation

Hubspot states that all online content should “convert your readers from “unknown visitors” to quantifiable leads…leads that can become your customers”. We get that. Our Digital Marketing Experts will help you to create a contact form that users can fill in from within the Captate Tour itself.

The Captate CRM and MAP

Our partner’s robust Marketing Automation Platform is directly integrated into the Captate tour and we can provide a special account for your team. When a lead clicks on the CTA and fills in a form, this can automate lead scoring and segmentation, drip campaigns, or direct contact with your sales team. Or, we can integrate the contact form with your own MAP or CRM: SalesforceMarketoo, Pardot, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.

What Are You Waiting For?

We can email you a detailed presentation on the functions and capacity of the Captate Tour.
Convince your colleagues of the benefits (for your brand and your real estate sales) of working with us!