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A Web-Platform to Host your

Immersive Unrealness

Imagine being able to see your Real Estate Project brought to life
before the Builders have even turned a sod!

See To Believe

Features that Make a Difference

A Web-Platform Accessible Online

At Captate Studio we can create specially programmed and complex 3D interactive models that can be accessed through any web-browser – this is what makes it such an essential real estate marketing tool at the pre-construction stage – one that allows you to adapt your marketing strategy to the digital age we now live in.

Web Data Collection and Analysis

Today, all wise business decisions use big data. It helps understand and improve the customer experience, and can assist property developers generate leads for their real estate project. Premerse allows you to track: lead sources, pages visited, page duration, user characteristics and more. Our condensed analysis reports facilitate informed decisions for your pre construction marketing plan.

Sharing: Spread the Word with Ease!

All digital marketers know the importance of “sharing”. People want the opinions of friends, family and colleagues, and we make this easy withinstant instant shareability, by email, whatsapp and social media. As sharing is just a link – no app or file download needed – it’s fast and uncomplicated. Ideal for a real estate company’s marketing department and their lead generation campaigns.

Specialized Develop Web-Hosting for 3D Online

It is not easy for real estate leads to get a visually rich and interactive experience onto their mobile phone, laptop or VR headset without having to download an app or software. But the quantifiable benefits are obvious for our customer’s Real Estate Marketing Campaigns. That is why Captate developed a special web-hosting platform programmed for 3D visualization, easily viewable through a browser like Chrome or Safari. The 3D models created by Captate Studio, are digitalized and rendered to conform with technological requirements for an optimized user experience on the Premerse Platform.

Hot Leads: The Contact Form As a Call-To-Action

All digital and real estate marketing companies know that the most basic principal behind a CTA is the “Now Factor” – you must strike when the iron is hot. You invested in a real estate lead generation campaign and a lead has reached your 3D model hosted on Premerse and wants to explore a purchase. NOW is the time that she can do something substantial right then and there – not later, but now. The Premerse Contact Form allows the lead give an immediate response. The special form integrated functionality allows lead scoring, segmentation and automation. Most importantly, qualified leads can be fully nurtured all the way to property purchase.

Customized or Bespoke Features to Suit Enhance your Marketing Plan 

We are constantly working to bring new features to each individual Captate Tour. We work closely with our clients to help them to explore and implement specially developed features. For example: Users could pick and chose decoration and materials, but also change furniture and appliances. This would allow you to partner with an e-commerce platform that allows users to make purchases directly from within the Captate Tour, without leaving the platform.

A User Interface that Anyone Can Use 

“Could my Mom or Dad understand this?” We spent a lot of time and effort planning the User experience and designing the User Interface, with a focus on simplicity. We put special emphasis on accommodating users new or unaccustomed to this 3D technology. They must have an optimal user experience, meaning your real estate lead generation campaign dollars are not wasted, nor your brand tarnished. 

Contact Form to Calculate Your ROI

Hubspot states that all online content should have a CTA “to convert your readers from “unknown visitors” to quantifiable leads…leads that can become your customers”. We get that. The online form also allows you to clearly identify users and their actions on the Premerse Platform.
In turn, this can be identified and qualified by way of special our in-platform contact form which

Lead Management – Captate CRM and Marketing Automation Platform

We can integrate a form from any Marketing Automation Platform (like Marketoo, Pardot or Hubspot, etc) or CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Prosperworks, Pipedrive, etc) so that it is accessible directly without leaving the platform. Don’t have one? We have a excellent partner platform that allows lead scoring and segmentation, drip campaigns, a full scale CRM and much more.