We Create Digital Experiences

let Captate help you immerse your customers in your story


We help you build virtual projects so your customers can immerse themselves and experience your construction, AEC or business project at home or in work, on any connected device. We want to create exciting and enthralling experiences for people, experiences that inform, “wow” and lure your customers.

What We Believe In

We believe that technology should set mankind free. Obviously, we haven’t invented teletransportation to Pluto (yet!), but if we can make people’s lives easier and more efficient – be it “visiting” new apartments at home or work before cycling to the park with their family instead of endless weekends wasted chasing around a city – then we would consider our mission accomplished…

Progress – Our Founder, Conor, owned a 3D photography business for real estate, and also owns an animation production studio, specialising in videos for businesses. In 2015/2016 with technology advances taking shape, it soon became obvious to him the important part that Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will play in the the business content creation of tomorrow. Harnessing this new technology to use with “digital marketing”, “digital sales tools” and “digital storytelling”, Captate offers businesses an opportunity to utilize this potential and to help them grow.

As your business grows, we place special emphasis on satisfying your continuing requirements and growth, and we strive to foster a special relationship with our clients so that we can grow together.

Advanced Thinking, Innovative Technology

Captate leads us all to a new reality.

AEC projects work with people’s lifetime dream: their perfect place. We want to help you to make people experience this, allowing them to experience their dream and lay the foundations of a freer and more constructive future.

Our Team and Work Ethic:

Out Platform was developed by experts scattered around the globe, an international group who specializing in: Architectural Visualization, 3D modelling, 3D Animation, Programming and Online Application development.

Our growth and survival requires that only the most advanced technologies are used and we are always innovating…  We currently use similar technologies that have been developed over decades by the online “gaming” community to create a hyper-realistic visual experience for your customers.

What We Offer

Project Development and Creation: We can work with your team to understand your goals, interpret what you have already created, and use our technological skills to realise your business’s dream.

Our Visualization Platform: We offer an easy-to-use platform, special hardware, training or instructions are needed to host and display your digital 3D experience. We have perfected a user interface that was designed so that a first time viewer can understand, explore and eventually be immersed in this exciting experience.

Our values

Innovation | Integrity | Progress

Innovation, integrity and efficiency are amongst our core values. We at Captate believe technology holds immense potential for our future and want to be part of that, and see if we can be part of it having a positive effect on mankind. Who knows, some day we may all take a trip together to Pluto… 🙂